20 November 2008

Spanish Christmas Menu

Spanish Christmas. With Christmas eve fast approaching we have decided to publish a typical menu for "noche buena!"

The meal on the eve of the 24th is the most important meal in the Spanish calendar and is always held in the evening, many people won't even start until after midnight as the old saying goes, " Esta noche es Noche Buena, y no es de dormir" this night is the Good Night, and is not meant for sleeping" Read more...


Serrano ham with melon and Peaches
Sliced Iberian chorizo & salchichon
Queen Olives
Clams in salsa


Andalucian Fish Chowder
Chili Garlic Prawns (gambas al pil pil)
Spanish meatballs
Steamed Mussels

Main course:

Asado de Cordero (lamb)
Dogfish in lemon and garlic
Gilthead Bream


Brandy Coffee

This kind of menu is typical in our village of Orce on Christmas eve, of course there are generous amounts of wine to hand as well and the quantity of food offered is nothing short of impressive! The most important part though is family and friends, on a night like this you can still see the children up until the early hours. Traditionally the presents arrive with the Three Kings and that isn't until January 6th.

Any family gathering is a loud and jovial affair but Christmas eve is the BIG one!


Anonymous said...

It is very interesting to hear how Christmas is celebrated in different parts of the world. I enjoyed reading this.

Orce Serrano Hams said...

Sheffy: Glad you liked the article, Mac junior is quite lucky as Santa comes on the 25th, The three Kings on the 6th then its his birthday on the 8th Jan. Who said Christmas wasn't expensive!