24 November 2008

Serrano Ham & Spinach Salad

Serrano ham, a superb ingredient in Spanish cooking. Besides from being a gourmet ham in its own right the Spanish ham is also used regularly in cooking. Take chicken or steak "granadina" for example, the flavour from the diced jamon adds some spectacular flavour to the recipe. Serrano ham is also popular in salads, here we have a spinach salad with a fried ham twist.


Bunch of fresh spinach chopped up
1 onion (diced)
1 tomato (cubed)
splash white wine vinegar
2 large slices serrano ham cut into inch squares
Olive oil
smoked paprika (small pinch)
salt and pepper

How to make:


Place the tomato, onion, spinach in a large salad serving bowl
Add a generous splash of white wine vinegar
Sprinkle a little smoked paprika over the top
Fry the serrano ham in olive oil until crispy
Add the ham to the rest of the ingredients and toss well
Pour over a little hot olive oil from the pan so the spinach wilts


So not just for tapas, the serrano ham is a fantastic ingredient too rarely needing a substantial amount either - simply for that unique added flavour. And remember if your buying a full ham this Christmas don't forget to use that bone for a great soup, broth or stew....


charlie said...

Any tips on using the bone for stock?

Orce Serrano Hams said...

Charlie: Thank you for your question. The ham bone needs to be cut into thirds - discard the hoof if present. The best third is the bottom near the hip joint as this the area that will have more meat left on. Soup or broth is a favourite, just boil up the bone pieces with the rest of the ingredients for 3-4 hours. Also makes a good stock which can be frozen or used for soup recipes in the future. Hope this helps.

Trac said...

It was lovely to see you drop by my blog, but now I want to come round your place for Christmas Eve dinner!

Krimo said...

CR, that sounds class!
Going back home to the cold in the morning after two great weeks on the Costa Blanca. Enjoyed lots of great tapas. (I hate cooking when I'm over here!)
I've learnt a lot of Spanish! Conejo, Serrano, Chorizo, Pan de Calatrava, Mas vino por favor...

Orce Serrano Hams said...

Trac: Thanks for passing by the blog, just bang on the door like the Spanish do!

Krimo: Mas vino por favor, yeah thats the most important one!!

Anonymous said...

Once again simple and easy recipe for great tasting food. Si , mas vino por favor!