1 December 2008

Christmas Tapas Ideas

Christmas tapas! The festive season is almost upon us and parties will soon be in full swing... Christmas time sees an extraordinary rise in the popularity of salted peanuts, brazil nuts, toblerones and all manner of party snacks. So, to be a little different we are blogging about the party snacks of Spain over the next few days.

Christmas is a time for friends and family so give them a treat! Typical tapas spreads you will in Andalucia consist of good quality cured meats like Lomo, Chorizo and Salchichon. Of course olives and cheese accompanied by sweet pequillo peppers are always present..

Big Parties - lots of plates! Serrano ham with slices of tomatoes and cucumber, remember the fresh crusty bread and that essential extra virgin olive oil.

Spanish chorizo - nothing else in the world of sausages will do, to make flavours a little more interesting fold the chorizo slices in half and scewer on a cocktail stick with a piece of apple or grapes.

For something more unusual which will certainly have he guests asking "mmm, whats that?" try some Mojama (cured loin of tuna) with some salted almonds or maize. Very nice, alternative and interesting.

Tapas servers - small portions BIG flavour! For an authentic Spanish twist use these 10cm mini paella pans and cazuelas to serve up nuts and olives.

Next up: Pate's and spreadable sausage...

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