31 December 2008

Buy Spanish Coffee in the US

US Customer Information: from 2009 it will be possible for Orce Serrano Hams to dispatch Marcilla and Saimaza torrefacto coffees direct from Andalucia to America. *Overseas postal rates apply (please see ordering & terms)

"Excellent quality raw beans are always used and the two main blends produced are natural and mezcla, the latter being the hallmark of Spanish coffee. Mezcla blends are a result of the 'torrefacto' process which means that a small proportion of the raw beans, usually about 20% - 30% are 'sugar sprayed' with a fine mist of sugar before roasting. The glazed beans are then added to the other beans and slowly roasted where the sugar is burnt off leaving a dark roasted bean with a hint of caramel to create a deep rich coffee without any hint of bitterness. The beans are then used whole, or ground exceptionally fine as is always the case with Spanish ground coffees."


Krimo said...

All the best for the New Year, CR.
I promise that one day I will make it to Orce.

Orce Serrano Hams said...

Thanks Krimo, a cold drink will be waiting...