2 December 2008

Sausage & Pate Tapas

Continuing with the Christmas tapas theme here we have Spanish pate and Majorcan Sobrasada. Pate and spreadable sausage often get left out of tapas selections which is a real shame as they both add some real authentic flavour and go exceptionally well with other charcuterie and biscuits.

Sobrasada: A very unusual sausage originating from the island of Majorca. Sobrasada is packed full of paprika and has a taste like nothing else. Serving suggestions include spread over warm crusty bread, spread on toast with a drizzle of honey or baked with a topping of manchego cheese.

Pate: A breakfast favourite and also good served as tapas on bread or crackers. Spanish "Iberico" pate has a unique flavour coming from the famous black footed iberian hogs from Southern Spain, something a little different!

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