13 December 2008

Spanish Ham Stands to the U.S

Ham stands to America? Well it is now possible for us to ship professional ham stands to the US and Canada *Postal rates apply. Although restrictions are still in place for Spanish cured meats. So if you have been the lucky recipient of an Iberian or Serrano ham and require a stand to carve it in or a stylish piece of Spanish kitchen furniture pop into our Spanish accessories page HERE

Shipping rates are a little higher (various options available)as they obviously have to travel a little further than the EU and they are substantial items. Quality is paramount so we have chosen some of the best examples available.

Various models are available including professional "rotating" hams stands as well as some of the more unusual toughened perspex examples - manufactured right here in Spain.

Rotating ham stands are the cream of the crop, used in the catering industry all over Spain, wall mountable stands are also available (as used by chefs and display carving in restaurants)

Need your stand personalized? No problem, we also offer a laser engraving service - ideal for personal or corporate gifts.

Useful Tips:

Choosing your ham stand

Ham Carving

Iberico ham in America

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