14 December 2008

Spanish Beer

Spanish beer with Spanish tapas... Its arguable that a good red wine accompanies the best of tapas, serrano ham, cheese etc this is quite true but a good Spanish beer also goes well with some famous tapas too. For example in Madrid it is popular to have a short beer with mojama (salted loin of tuna)

Here in the Granada region we have two "Alhambra's" - the famous palace and the beer, a prime example of a good Spanish beer is the Alhambra 1925 - goes down well with almost anything! Other examples are "Mahou" which comes in two strengths and of course there is always "Cruzcampo"...

Enjoy a beer this Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Well, that has to be the funniest advert for beer I have ever seen!
What is Spanish beer like? My husband loves Real Ale. Someone just sent us a crate containing Indonesian beer, Swedish beer, Patagonian beer, Chilean beer, and two types of beer from USA. No Spanish beer in the crate, though!

Orce Serrano Hams said...

Cheers Sheffy, Spanish beer is really a lager served ice cold although depending on brand you can can get some very nice (and strong) variations, ideal for the summer tapas and apperitif. Can you still get Double Maxim in the UK? and of course....Newcastle Brown..