17 December 2008

Spanish Nativity

Spanish Nativity Play. What a week it has been! Busiest time of the year and the weather decided to dump 12 inches of snow on Orce village. We did however manage to get down to the school nativity (essential I,m sure you agree) to see our little boy perform. I wish my Spanish was half as good as his... Here are some of the colourful costumes from this afternoon.

The white stuff: Just like Spanish rain you either get hardly any or it just falls and falls and falls. Not to bad overall this year (there's time yet though)

At this time of year you can see the local shop keepers having a quick gulp of "something" in between serving customers. Liquors and brandy, shops are quite cold so they need some sort of heating!

We can remember paying the town hall a visit a couple of years ago and having a miniature glass of something shoved in our hand as soon as we went through the door, no clue what it was but it certainly warmed you up from the inside out!

We love Andalucia at this time of year, next will be the market for some churros dipped in hot chocolate. Fab!

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