16 December 2008

Spanish Ham Tapas

Sometimes the simplest of tapas are all that is required. An unplanned visit from friends or family, something quick to rustle up or a snack in front of your favourite TV programme...

Serrano ham is used in all sorts of dishes in Spain but it really comes into its own when served simply with a dash of good extra virgin olive oil. Carved straight from the ham these thin slices, once allowed to breath for a few minutes are one of the top tapas out of Spain.

Simple, quick and easy! Many tapas prepared in Spanish bars and restaurants are large portions of ie: clams in salsa, meatballs or paella - it is the size they are served in that makes them tapas. Serrano ham is carved from the leg and you can more than often see the expert staff performing the art of ham carving behind the bar or in the restaurant.

Ham slices and olive oil...unbeatable!

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