31 January 2009

Green Gold

"Green Gold from Catalunya"

Its not every day a Spanish product comes along that excels in every department but when Chris and Jennifer Davenport approached us a few weeks ago and said "would you like to try our olive oil" of course we said yes.

Known as green gold this extra virgin olive oil is a real cracker. It is produced from a carefully selected blend of olives from a small grove in Northern Spain. A family business....well thats right up our street too and is usually where the finest artisan products and recipes come from. "Davenpuerto" olive oil is no exception.

We first tried this olive oil drizzled over fresh bread with a few vine tomatoes and immediatly our minds were made up - we had to have it! With an acidity of 0.8% and a gourmet flavour this oil is thoroughly enjoyable at any time of day with a whole range of tapas, in particular:

Spanish ham
Salads (recipe, tuna salad)
etc etc

You won't find any expensive labelling or marketing campaigns around this oil, the oil sells itself, indeed "nothing more, nothing less" is the correctly suggestive slogan on a carefully hand tied tag around the bottle neck.

An artisan oil in every sense of the word!

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