25 January 2009

Spanish Lomo Tapas

Lomo - one of the finest cuts of cured pork from Spain. Lomo is a tenderloin of pork which is also sold fresh for cooking but can also be cured, usually with herbs - the result is a real artisan experience!

Lomo rivals a good serrano ham in the flavour department and with various cuts available there is plenty of scope to find the "lomo for you"

Here we have a new addition to the Orce Serrano Hams charcuterie page which is being cured by our local secadero (curing house) its called "lomo de cabeza" named so as its the top area of the lomo loin and is marbled with fat, which depending on your taste can be an essential part of the flavour...

The outer part of the loin is deliciously peppered with a hint of rosemary in there and also thyme so its elegantly aromatic too.

Best way to serve? As with serrano ham, wafer thin at room temperature and for the true gourmet enthusiast - with a generous drizzle of extra virgen and peppered vine tomatoes.

Perfect tapas!

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