31 March 2009

Spanish Cured Salt Cod & Tuna

We thought we would end the month of March with a short gallery of products from the "Pescaderia de Orce" The guy who runs this fish shop is probably one of the most enthusiastic suppliers we have. So much so he offered to pass by the house and give us a taste of his cured tuna and salted cod. Then.... it was all hands on in the fish shop the following Tuesday to take some foodie pics early while the spread of seafood hadn't been touched. Great stuff.

Bonito tuna close up

Bacalao salted cod, 2kg monster on the end..

A man and a van...and the most enviable fish shop for miles..

...and best of all he knows his stuff...genuine expert

Bacalao & Bonito Tuna coming soon (April 2009)


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