18 August 2009

Jaen Gourmet Olive Oil

Is your olive oil on the table with the salt and pepper? We believe that it should be! The Spanish consume large amounts of olive oil and also use it in almost every recipe - even chips are cooked in olive oil.

The region of Jaen is regarded as the olive oil capital of the world due to the amount it produces and also the quality. In May of 2009 the world record for the largest olive oil tasting was set:

thousands of local residents were ready, patiently waiting behind the turnstiles for the event to open. By 12 p.m., over 12,909 people had passed through the gates and congregated in the park specially set up for the festivities, sampling the finest olive oil in the region. The Guinness World Records challenge was achieved shortly thereafter

Being situated on the outskirts of Jaen we are lucky enough to have access to one of the finest olive oils the region produces. The gourmet extra virgin oil is a result of a careful cultivation process using trees from the Sierra de Cazorla area. This award winning and certified gourmet oil is certainly "gourmet" in every sense of the word, tremendous flavour, aroma and depth which pairs with serrano and iberico ham to name but a few perfect partners.

A few lucky customers have already tasted this exquisite oil through our ham care kit gift set and the response has been extremely positive. The gourmet oil is due on sale through Orce Serrano Hams this September.

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