16 August 2009

Spanish Chili Tapas

Spanish chili tapas... Spanish "Guindillas" make hot tapas, if you like a lot of bite with your food then these tapas will fit the bill!

Ingredients: (serves 4 brave people)

6 Chili peppers
Olive oil
Sea salt

1. Barbeque the peppers until the skin begins to turn brown.

2. Cut off the head of the pepper then slice all the way down the length and open to expose the seeds.

3. Using a paring knife carefully remove the skin of the chili.

4. Remove most of the seeds then cut the pepper into small pieces.

5. Place the chili segements onto a shallow plate or small cazuela and drizzle generously with a good extra virgin olive oil - a heavy oil is good for flavour.

6. Season with sea salt and serve.

Hot stuff and not for the faint hearted! Dive in with fresh crusty bread as the olive oil infuses with the chili pepper. Tapas little and often...

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