2 September 2009

Buying a Ham Stand

Buying a Spanish ham stand can be a difficult choice as there are many models of "jamonero" available. Designs are plentiful with good models built for the purpose of holding your serrano or iberico ham safely and securely in place. The general rule is the bigger and heavier the ham the more substantial stand you will need, a big heavyweight ham in a small budget stand will not only look slightly odd but it won't be all that safe either!

Above: Probably the most popular ham stand in Spain, this classic design has been around for many years and is both sturdy and functional. Due to the popularity and mass production of this stand inferior models which look identical are also available, some as cheap as 10 euros. You get what you pay for.

Below: Lovely big ham stand ideal for holding longer Iberian hams or heavy Serrano's. This stand also allows the chef to cut from top to bottom if preferred instead of side to side as the ham sits almost verticaly in the clamping system.

Below: Smaller cousin to the above model with the same unique clamping system - the top of the leg is clamped from each side instead of with a long screw from the top (see top image) A popular design again, buy the best you can afford as there are similar looking models available.

Look after your ham stand and will look after you, good quality models will last a long time.

Iberico "Denominacion de Origen" paleta in a sturdy ham stand, looks the part.

Choosing your ham stand, More Info >>>

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