1 September 2009

Iberico Bellota Chorizo

Iberico bellota chorizo from "Guijuelo" in Salamanca is some of the best acorn fed sausage available. Weighing in at around 1.1 kilos they are also very large so great for enjoying at tapas parties or Spanish themed functions. The chorizo in particular almost melts in the mouth as you would expect from many Iberian products. In fact left to breath (advised for optimum flavour) the slices begin to fall apart, fantastic bellota chorizo.

Serving ideas include the usual suspects such as toasted almonds which enhance the nutty flavour and aroma and also fruit such as grapes, melon, passion and orange.

This fantastic Iberian chorizo including its close cousin the Iberian salchichon will be available from the Orce Serrano Hams charcuterie selection mid September 2009.

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