22 September 2009

Morcilla and Pancetta Roast

This Spanish recipe for belly pork and black pudding is very similar to our pork and black pudding roast. The main difference though is that this version can be served up as Spanish tapas or raciones.


Pancetta (in a sheet, scored)
6 Morcilla sausages
1 Large onion
6 Bay leaves
Salt & Pepper

How to cook:

Cut the black pudding sausages in half lengthways and lay on a baking tray.

Finley cut the onion into rings and lay on top of the black pudding.

Lay the scored pancetta on top and smear with olive oil, season well with the salt, pepper and herbs then place the bay leaves on top before roasting for 1 1/2 hours.

Turn up the heat for the final 20 minutes to achieve good crackling

Serve the pork cut into thin strips, for tapas place one strip of pork and half a sausage onto a plate topped with onion.


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