11 September 2009

Spanish Pancetta Bocadillo

Spanish pancetta can be purchased from your Spanish butcher in two forms - cured and fresh. The fresh pancetta is cut to order very thinly and the mildly cured meat usually comes vacuum packed in pieces. When fried, cured pancetta is very similar to good old bacon although it is more salty. Here we have a simple recipe for a "pancetta and allioli bocadillo" or bacon sarnie with garlic mayonnaise! Enjoy.


Quarter French stick of bread sliced open
150g Cured pancetta cut into thin slices
1 Vine tomato (sliced)
1 Baby lettuce
Extra virgin olive oil

How to make:

Cut the bread into the desired size for the bocadillo.

In a frying pan, pour a little olive oil and heat gently before adding the pancetta strips.

Meanwhile arrange lettuce over the bread and add the tomatoes on top.

When the pancetta is fried and crispy place the strips on top of the tomatoes.

Add a generous spoonful of allioli and close the bocadillo.

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