11 September 2009

Wooden Serving Boards

Wooden serving boards from Spain. Cheese boards, chorizo boards, Tapas boards, handled boards, round boards, board and knife sets, wooden platters, pestle and mortars...

Have you ever tried slicing chorizo on a plate?

Serving tapas the rustic way... wooden boards are widely used in Spain, round wooden boards which come in a variety of sizes are actually from the North of Spain in the Galicia region, commonly referred to as "Tablas de Puplo" which translates as "Octopus board" named so as the traditional freshly caught and cooked octopus is usually served on round boards with slightly upturned to stop the garlic sauce escaping!

Tapas, sliced meats, cheese, ham etc serve well on wooden board, not only does it look the part its practical too.

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