28 October 2009

Cooking with Kids

Cooking with the kids... The reason our 7 year old little boy likes to cook and get involved in the kitchen is probably because his parents are never out of there! Maybe a little passion for cooking and Spanish recipes has rubbed off.

OK, be prepared for a real gourmet experience! a treat to the senses!

"Andalucian scrambled eggs with melted butter and cracked black peppercorns served with pan fried crispy pancetta"


6 eggs
250g Cured pancetta
Knob of butter
Cracked black pepper
Olive oil


1. Beat the eggs in a pan
2. Carefully cut thin strips of pancetta
3. Cook eggs over high heat, stirring, add butter
4. Fry pancetta in olive oil, 2 minutes each side
5. Serve scrambled egg with pancetta arranged around the outside
6. Sprinkle with black pepper

Tomato sauce is of course optional :)


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