20 October 2009

Real Spanish Chorizos

Authentic homemade Spanish chorizos direct from Andalucia. Orce chorizos have proven very popular, especially the extra hot "Fire" chorizo. The problem is now, the locals have caught on to the Fire chorizo and are, lets say depleting the stocks!

A bit of an issue so when Julian (local family butcher) invested in a vacuum packing machine we realised a solution for both ourselves and the customer was on the horizon. In the beginning when the first batch of Fire chorizos were made most of the sausages were sent as samples to various lucky customers, the press and a few foodie friends in the UK. Feedback was very positive so the chorizos were introduced to the website.

The main problem with genuine homemade chorizos is that they cure very quickly so to receive them in prime condition was a result of placing a special order, guaranteed fresh but with a few days wait. Now though things are very different.

Each week our butcher makes us a batch of each type of chorizo. These are then hung and cured until "just right" where they are then cleverly vacuum packed for freshness. The big advantage to the consumer is that these vacuum packs can be kept refrigerated for 3 months which simply was not possible before.

Vacuum packed homemade chorizos, airtight fresh you could say!

See the Orce Fire Chorizo being made >>>

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