2 October 2009

Spanish Butchers

Buying from your local Spanish butcher can, at times be a bewildering experience. Choice cuts of lomo tenderloin, variations of offal, legs and paletillas of lamb, morcon, morcilla, brains (yes, brains) trotters and prime ham...

There is a big issue in the UK at the moment driven by all sorts of entities regarding where food originates from. Rightly so but what went wrong in the first place? Simple works, why complicate things! The UK produces some of the best meat available in the world as does Spain, France, Germany, Italy and thats just a handful from the EU.

Every country prides itself on its produce, one exceptional gourmet line from rural Andalucia is "Cordero Segureno"

To find out more about Andalucian meats from local rural butchers including what to ask for, recipe ideas, cuts of meat, offal and a whole lot more take a look at our latest article "Sausages to Sirloin"

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