10 November 2009

Hams from Spain

Spanish hams cured for 24 months. A 2 year curing regime results in an exquisite flavour, Grand Reserva "Jamones" direct from Andalucia.

The first thing to remember is that not all serrano hams are the same. Some are cured for a year, some 16 or 18 months and some like this "Jamon Anejo" here for 2 years. Grand Reserva hams tend to be large examples weighing between 8 and 9 kilos, the reason for this is that when hams are cured they lose up to 35% of their initial weight. A two year curing time ensures both texture and flavour but to achieve this correctly the pre cured ham must be rounded and plump to cope with the drying process over the following months. The "Anejo Especial" is one of the finest serrano hams available. A ham that will dominate any Spanish table and often purchased as a gourmet gift or for special occasions where it can be carved in front of guests.

Below we have some bullet points from the Orce Serrano Hams website:

Serrano Ham “Anejo” Especial (select range)
Region: Baza / Granada
Grade: Gran Reserva Anejo
Curing: 2 years
Weight: 8.0 – 8.5 kg
Flavour: Strong, mature, earthy, ambrosial
Texture: Velvety / supreme
€ / kilo: 20.63

This serrano ham comes in various guises, pictured above we have the hoof-less hams or "sin pata" full hams (with hoof) are available through the online delicatessen. There is also what is called a "Maza", the maza is the top third of a boneless ham (the part nearest the hoof) and is easily carved, weighing around 2.8 - 3kg it is an ideal way to taste test the ham before taking the plunge with a full 8 kilo leg.

The Anejo Especial should really be enjoyed either on its own or served with complimentary tapas such as toasted almonds, chestnuts or a good extra virgin olive oil. For further information on the Anejo Especial, Maza and other specially selected serrano hams visit the delicatessen >>> Orce Serrano Hams

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