13 November 2009

Iberico Ham Special Offer

Spanish Iberico ham or "Jamon Iberico" It is quite unusual to have Iberian hams on offer, after all why? Its the best ham in the world, needs no introduction to the savvy foodie and above all provides one of the worlds tastiest gastronomic treats.

This 2009 Christmas though, customers can experience real Iberian jamon at a very special rate indeed. From the region of "Huelva" comes a special edition Jamon Iberico Cebo. At only 174.95 euros (155.00 gbp approx) for a 24 month cured 7.5 kilo rear Iberian leg the price speaks for itself.

What about quality? What does "Cebo" mean?

As with Serrano hams, their grades, curing time etc Iberian hams have different classifications. The word Cebo basically means that the pigs from which the hams come from have been fed on compound feed and not acorns. The latter refers to "bellota" (or acorn) the Cebo hams are very different to serrano hams and are classified Iberico as they come from the same Iberian hog as there more expensive acorn fed cousins. The Iberian hog still only accounts for 7 - 8% of ham production in Spain, is a relative of the wild boar and has the ability to absorb its food in such a way that you once the ham is cured the result is a texture unlike any other with meat mottled with delicious fat.

Quality: As with every ham on the Orce Serrano Hams website each comes with local recommendation, classification and is taste tested before the decision is made to place the ham in our deli. It is also worth noting that all hams are dispatched directly from Andalucia and from their natural curing conditions so what you receive is 100% authentic direct from Spain.

Free carving knife? Customers will also receive a free ham carving knife worth 17.95 euros with the special edition Iberico Cebo ham. Its a gourmet deal for sure which cannot be repeated. Early ordering is advised as once these hams are gone they are gone - only 30 are available at this price.

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