19 November 2009

Local Spanish Olive Oil

Locally produced extra virgin olive oil. Something at the forefront of the Orce Serrano Hams vision is to support local producers. In fact most of the stock in the online delicatessen is locally produced and olive oil is no exception.

This extra virgin oil comes from the town of Huescar in North East Granada. The town itself is only 18km from Orce village.

You may think that an olive oil produced on a smaller scale could be inferior in flavour and quality. However the town of Huescar lies on the edge of the "Jaen" region - the olive oil capital of the world...

"USKAR" oil can be found in many small retailers in the area including indoor markets where you find both 1ltr and 5ltr containers of the oil.

Part of any food products integration into the Orce Serrano Hams deli is to taste test and we were more than happy with this olive oil! Fabulous flavour, not too strong with grassy hints, an ideal all rounder for fish, meats, dressings etc. Supporting local business in rural Andalucia is part of what we do, there are many olive oils produced in the region, dozens of which are available but this one made the shortlist and won after many servings of drenched bread and tomato. Flavour is the all important part of any good oil. Until now USKAR olive oil has been unavailable outside Spain and has never reached UK shores.

Available December 2009

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