28 December 2009

New Year Tapas/12 Grapes

New Year Tapas... Smoked salmon with orange and cucumber, absolutely delicious! Simply put them together and serve on cocktail sticks, a light sprinkle of pepper adds a mild kick for something a little different.

New Years eve in Spain of course usually involves that very amusing tradition of "Las doce uvas" or 12 grapes. Taken very seriously by some it is said that eating one grape for every chime of the clock at midnight brings good luck for the following year.

Some do not take take this very seriously at all and it is always extremely funny watching (or taking part with) people eating 12 grapes in 12 seconds. A messy affair to say the least...! Enjoy the video.

Happy New Year!

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Shionge said...

Hey Happy New Year and what a great idea to serve this ushering the new year :D