7 December 2009

Orce Fire Chorizo Challenge...

If you have enjoyed the Orce "fire" chorizo and still need your tapas a little hotter then why not try the Fire Chorizo Challenge. A trio of Orce Fire Chorizo, char-grilled tomato and pepper salsa completed with Spanish chili's (guindillas)

Serve all three together and make sure the cold beer is standing by..!

A fine bottle of red and your Orce Fire chorizo was an experience I won't forget in a hurry. I will definitely be a customer in the future." ~ Dr Colin R Barber, Isle of Man UK

The Orce fire chorizo has become extremely popular, so much so we are having to order around 30kg a week. It seems you like it HOT! If you enjoy real Spanish chorizo's then give them a try in fire/hot & sweet varieties - real authenticity from Andalucia. See how these chorizo sausages are made >>>


Cutie said...

Often enough I see Jamie Oliver using chorizo in some of his dishes and it look amazing.. Want to try it but then in Malaysia we don't have good chorizo. Even if they have it, it's really pricey..

Siththarasithwila said...

Tasty blog.