4 December 2009

Independent Hams for Independent People

The Serrano ham "Anejo" from Baza near the village of Orce in Andalucia is without doubt one of the finest Serrano hams money can buy. These hams are cured for 22 - 24 months, are large examples with a texture, flavour and aroma to confidently rival Spain's best serrano's.

This Christmas we have a very special offer for UK readers of the Independent newspaper. A great offer for the festive season, the serrano ham Anejo comes complete with ham stand, carving knife, muslin cover and all instructions for carving and storage - Exclusive to Independent readers. Read the full offer

Need tapas ideas for this ham? The Anejo ham is a Grand Reserva and is as such quite a strong flavoured ham. Two years curing matures the ham to perfection which means that it goes very well with fruit. Try Mango wedges wrapped in serrano hams slices, add a light sprinkle of smoked paprika, a little black pepper, olive oil and you have a delicious juicy tapa great for any Spanish table!

For more information on both Serrano and Iberico hams from Andalucia visit the deli >>> Orce Serrano Hams

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