3 December 2009

Storing Spanish Ham

Storing Spanish ham. One of the most frequently asked questions especialy around Christmas time as many hams are purchased as gifts for the lucky hubby! Serrano and Iberico hams keep very well indeed and will not take any harm being hung or stored in a cool dry place until Christmas day.

The key is cool and away from humidity. Spanish hams hang for months if not years (up to 4 years in the case of Iberian examples)

Find a cool, dry place such as a spare room where the central heating won't be turned on, a cool storage cupboard or even better one these places at the neighbours where the ham will not be discovered by the lucky recipient!

So how long can you keep the ham in the box? Our butcher advises no longer than a week after arrival and if possible to partialy open the box to allow the ham to breath. Hams come in a breathable muslin sock, this can be kept on until Dec 25th. When the sock is pulled off the ham it is a good idea to wipe the ham lightly with a damp cloth or sponge - then the carving begins...

For more detailed information on Spanish ham storage visit the Orce Serrano Hams "Storage" and "Carving" pages.

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