29 January 2010

6 Nations Tapas

2010 Six Nations rugby is nearly upon us again - thats the weekends sorted... being a bit of a rugby nut I tend to get prepared for a good Saturday afternoon especialy when there are three games on. Yup its a rugby showdown and no-one gets the tv switcher until the last whistle is blown.

Weekends usualy involve tapas anyway but when the rugby is on its a different matter, usualy we get a full ham in - tapas "on tap" as and when required. Its a real shame we cannot watch Spain in the rugby (yes Spain do have a national team) they took part in the 1999 rugby world cup and are still regarded as one of strongest European teams outside the 6 Nations, maybe one day Italians will no longer be the under dogs in this fantastic tournament and we will have a 7 Nations with Spain striving to earn its place and climb the rankings. A long way off? Well maybe but who would have ever thought that the Italians would bring Mediterranean flair to the game and take to task even the strongest of 6N teams?

Spain is on the cards for a well deserved slot some time in the future, a world cup place perhaps? C'mon its allways great to watch the "minnows" secretly wishing for a giant killing upset ~ Imagine the flamenco if Spain executed some exceptionaly planned white line fever and scored against England...

Tapas lineout

Ham, lots of it. Rugby fans don't particularly need wafer thin slices during game time so a big ham piece for easy carving to escape the half time talk is always good.

Fire Chorizo, bigger and the spicier the better, every rugby player thrives on a Sebastian Chabal hit now and then.

Lomo: One for the backs, a tenderloin of pork, easily devoured and never lasts long.

Paella: Forward consumption, takes a while but you get there in the end.

If that isn't enough to get you in the mood take a peak at this:

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