24 January 2010

Images of Andalucia

Images of Andalucia muster up the idea of flamenco, paella, perhaps the world famous and incredibly impressive "Alhambra" or sleepy white washed rural villages where locals go about their daily business of laid back siestas, the odd spot of shopping, washing the doorstep to a shine and chatting with the neighbours across the street.

Andalucia is a beautiful region of Spain, the largest and also the most southerly with influence from the Moors to be seen in stunning castles, re-enactments of Christian battles from days gone by and also an strong influence with food and cooking. Andalucia is also famous for its caves ~ in fact we ourselves bought one back in 2004 and find it to be one of the most secure and relaxing ways of living, difficult to explain perhaps unless you have had the pleasure of staying in one of these unique dwellings.

Spanish cave homes are found mostly in rural Granada, East of the city in small pockets of old Andalucian villages many of which are made up predominantly of century old cave homes. Rural Spain means the countryside or to be strictly correct "El campo". Scorched during the summer months the campo can become very dry - almost like a wasteland, however the views are nothing short of spectacular.

Bring the rain! Boy when it rains it rains, drops hammering down the chimney onto the stove top, towels by the door just to be safe and if a venture out is required plastic bags tied around the footwear. Campo dust becomes a muddy sludge you could almost make cazuelas out of. Everyone loves a good downpour - clears the air and it never takes long before the sun dries out the deluge, during early spring it takes but a matter of days for what is soon to be dust transform into a lush meadow like a carpet of flower and fauna, a brief but spectacular event in nature's calendar which never ceases to amaze.

A year ago I invested in a Panasonic Lumix (cracking camera) a DSLR was just of reach but the Lumix performs superbly for what we need. Primarily for food photography the photo bug bit well and hard so whenever time allows I try and capture whatever is offer which is usually quite a lot, Andalucia tends to deliver almost every day with its seamless beauty, ever changing weather, character and cultural apsects. A great place for the budding photographer.

All photos © Copyright 2010 Orce Serrano Hams

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