14 January 2010

Mussel, Prawn and Calamari Paella

Variation of Spanish paella, the great thing about Spanish paella is that the dish is so versatile. Originally from Valencia the traditional Valencian paella has influenced every one of today’s modern twists on what is now an International dish. There are many variations of Spanish paella; a popular version is using mixed seafood.

Ingredients: (serves 12)

1kg Calasparra paella rice (full sack)
2 Red bell peppers
4 Artichoke hearts
4 Cloves of Garlic (crushed)
2 Large onions
6 Plum tomatoes
Pinch saffron
2kg Fresh mussels (pre steamed)
600g Fresh prawns
300g squid rings
2 Litres good fish stock
Olive oil
Salt & Pepper
Mixed herbs (optional)


1. To prepare the vegetables roughly chop the tomatoes, slice the pepper into small squares, dice the onion and halve the artichoke hearts. Leave the artichokes to one side and fry the rest over a high heat until the onions become transparent.

2. Turn down the heat then, using a ladle add the rice counting each ladleful as you go – one kilo of rice is roughly 7 ladles.

3. Stir the rice into the vegetables and continue to cook until the rice begins to lose its colour.

4. Ladle in the stock using two ladles of stock for every one of rice, cook for 10 minutes until the rice begins to absorb the liquid.

5. Add a pinch of saffron.

6. Add the pre steamed mussels, prawns and the halved artichoke hearts.

7. Cover the entire paella pan with tinfoil and continue to cook over a medium heat for another 8 – 10 minutes.
8. Remove the foil and allow to rest for 2 minutes before serving.

Paella tip: Steamed mussels are a delicious ingredient in seafood paella. After steaming retain any liquid left over to mix with your fish stock. Leave a dozen mussels in their shells for presentation.

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