6 May 2010

Lost your Mojo?

Mojo sauce or Moho sauce? Lets just call it Canary Island salsa to be safe. Anyway...its back! Re-launched after a long awaited absence the famous "Mojo" hits the virtual shelves once again. So what is so special about mojo sauce you might ask? Well, its all about flavour and this one is bursting with it. There are two differnet types of this sauce from the Canary Islands - "Picon" ~ thats your hot one (and quite fiery too) and "Canario" or salsa verde/green salsa which is milder but still has a great unique depth of flavour.

The red "picon" mojo sauce is commonly used with red meats although it goes very well with chicken dishes as well.

The green "canario" mojo is best used with white meats, again chicken but also fish. Good examples would be hake, cod, dogfish etc.

This particular brand has been worth the wait as neither type contain any preservatives or artificial colouring, they are also gluten free. Each sauce is a careful blend of olive oil, herbs, spices, vegetables and lemon. Delicious.

Mojo is an incredibly versitile sauce, it can be used as a simple dressing on meat dishes or a simple dip to go with your tapas or bread sticks. One favourite though is to use the sauce as a marinade which adds a very noticable but not overpowering flavour to meat and fish. Salads are another top contender but a firm favourite for the spicy version is to tumble a generous serving with roast potatoes, a match made in heaven - or even the Canary Islands...

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