3 May 2010

Orce Swimming Pool

Taking a break from the office and taking a break on a Sunday morning its often nice to get yourself down to the outdoor swimming pool in Orce. The pool itself is situated just off the roadside between Orce and Galera and is a natural spring. The pool is also full of fish who are quite happy to swim along side you. Not everyone's cup of tea and certainly different. The situation of the pool is very tranquil with a small car park, barbeque area restaurant and chiringuito. Open throughout the summer months the pool is very popular with people walking the half mile from the village with towels under arm.

Sunday mornings however are a quite quiet of you go early for a cool dip, also good for teaching junior to swim who always takes his goggles as the fish are a major attraction...

The pool, when packed with people makes you realise the culture difference of these rural Spanish villages. People of all ages from young kids to grandma's are in the pool, sunbathing and enjoying tapas or paella from the on site restaurant. There is no litter, the bins are always used and particularly where youngsters are concerned the elders are always keeping a watchful eye out. Atmosphere is always jovial, typicaly loud (in true Spanish style) but at the same time very welcoming, once you get past the inquisitive eyeballing so everyone knows who you are and if they recognise you.

Orce pool is one of the only "free" pools in the area so you won't see any life guards or car parking fees. The pool is subsidised by the town hall as well as rental from the drinks kiosk where you can buy ice cold cans of lager and soft drinks which are very welcome in the heat of the summer. The pool is also surrounded by trees which offer some well appreciated shade over the grass, restaurant and outdoor eating areas.

If you fancy a swim with the fish then Orce pool is just the ticket, a definate attraction and somewhere you could spend a very long lazy Spanish afternoon.

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