8 June 2010

Anchovy and Bean Tostada

Simple tapas ideas work when they have lots of flavour and this is a good example. Spanish anchovies have an enviable reputation as being some of the best in the world, for example mention the "Ortiz" brand and you immediatly know its all about quality. There are also Cantabrian anchovies from lesser known suppliers that have the "gold series" mark, good anchovies, good enough in fact to rival some of the more acclaimed names in the Spanish seafood world.

So waht do you do with such quality? Too good for pizza thats for sure so to make some classy tapas try a couple of anchovies on a mashed bean tostada.


Sliced bread (stick)
250g Jar of white beans/butter beans
Pinch hot paprika
Extra virgin olive oil

1. Take your jar of beans, drain, wash and mash into a paste mixing with the paprika.

2. Lightly toast your bread slices.

3. Spread the bean paste over the toast.

4. Arrange 2 anchovies on top and drizzle with a extra virgin olive oil.

Job done.


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