30 June 2010

Ham Carving Whiz Kid sets sights on world record.

Meet Josh, our enthusiastic about all things cooking 8 year old. A few weeks ago he asked us if he could cut some serrano ham one day for lunch... Mum looked worried and Dad said "Yes son, of course you can..."! It all seemed to take off from there with a huge amount of excitement going into the butchers and choosing "his own" jamon serrano. It was rather big weighing in at a hefty 9.25 kilos and a nice example. The butcher invited him behind the counter where he was shown where to push the bone in and smell it for quality, the ham was good.

Since then Josh has been almost unstoppable, carving, photos, when's lunch? ham for lunch today? To be absolutley honest he has taken to it like a duck to water, seeing his Dad and local barmen carving up hams almost on a daily basis. The equipment comes out (no knife sharpening yet!) and he sets about the pigs leg like he's been slicing ham for years.

When he grows up Josh wants to be a professional ham carver, travel the world and show off his skills at prestigious events for celebrities and VIP's - you have to love the enthusiasm of kids! He is in the right place to get the experience, Andalucia is the home of Jamon so by the time our 9.25kg monster is exhausted there is no doubt he will be off to the butchers to choose another. Maybe one day he can "practice" on an Iberian jamon... take a few weekends of washing Dads car to buy one of them, perhaps we might go fifty fifty on a nice recebo.

Setting the world record for the longest slice of Spanish ham is something he is keeping an eye on for the distant future. The current record is over 19m - some achievement. Like the saying goes though, we all have to start somewhere and as parents we both think that getting kids active in the kitchen and around food and recipes is no bad thing at all.

He even has a blog - take a look at "A Slice of Jamon" and give him a follow or leave a comment, I'm sure he'd be over the moon.

Huge amounts of hilarity after the first plate of slices, off he popped to the fridge, out came the manchego and Mum got told off for not having any tomatoes (criminal) a splash of olive and the job was complete.

I think, maybe one day, that world record may be challenged. I hope so.



Anonymous said...

That is great, Mac. Seems like you are getting him trained up!

Orce Serrano Hams said...

Sheffy: He kept asking and asking so what better than to get him started early! He's already nearly better than I am and loves the blogging side if it as well, great to get kids in the kitchen.