11 July 2010

Spain World Cup Fever 2010

Spanish world cup fever... Well it is that time, Spain have never reached a world cup final before but the European champions have done a great job so far. David Villa had risen as one of the world cup stars and lets hope that Spain gets it in the bag tonight. Excitement is the name of the game, the video below explains all with a hilarious 30sec clip of Spanish football commentry (Spain vs Germany).

...if you thought that was funny you should have seen our local policeman riding through the village on his moped holding a Spanish flag bigger than he was screaming Espana.

...and if they win tonight...


David Hall said...

World class clip! Rooting for Spain tonight, go on Villa!

Recipe using your delicious ham on the Blog, hope you approve.

David x

Anonymous said...

I can just imagine what it is like over there now, Mac!!!! Celebration upon celebration! Love the commentators!

Orce Serrano Hams said...

David: Cracking write up on the ham - much appreciated! Glad you enjoyed it and will be giving that recipe a go as well. Cheers.

Sheffy: A few sore heads in Spain the morning after.. Apparently bacause Spain won every Spanish footballer gets a 6k bonus!