26 July 2010

Five Beautiful Vineyards You Can Visit in Spain

Guest post contributed by Sauce PR for Spanish tapas restaurant and bar Barrafina, located in the heart of London’s West End.

1. Scala Dei, Priorat

Scala Dei literally means "staircase to God" and this beautiful vineyard was founded by Carthusian monks in 1163. Situated on the Iberian Peninsula, it is nestled in an ancient village above which soars the Monstant mountain, known as the "holy mountain" and next door is a monastery in ruins. Wine maker Jordi Vidal invites guests to sample the many fine "black wines" produced at his vineyard and explore his micro boutique wine making facilities.

2. Codorniu Winery

Since 1551, the Codornui Winery has been producing sparkling wines using the traditional methods of fermenting champagnes in the bottle which is referred to as cava. Today, the winery uses modern equipment but does not change their age old production methods. Guests are welcome to spend the day strolling through the fabulous gardens, exploring the museum on the grounds and sampling their excellent vintages at the visitors center. Reservations must be made in advance and they are closed on holidays.

3. Txakoli Vineyards

Located in the foothills overlooking the Basque coast, Txakoli is famous for producing some of the world's most intriguing novelty wines. The beautiful winery is housed in a charming "Caserio," a traditional Basque farmhouse complex, amid lush hills above the seaside city of Zarautz. Though officially founded in 1992, the family has been making their speciality wines for generations, and hope to carry on the family tradition.

4. Vega Sicilia

Located in Northern Spain in the Ribera del Duero region, this Spanish winery was founded in 1163, making it the oldest winery in Priorat. Vega Sicilia has been run for generations by the Primum Vini family and produces some of the most expensive wines using the old style of wine making. Some of their best wines, like Unico, take up to 50 years to mature are coveted by the likes of the British royal family.

5. MartĂșe Winery

Explore the land of Don Quioxte when you visit the modern Martue Winery in the La Mancha region of Spain where the winery is housed in a beautiful modern replica of the classic hacienda style. The vineyards stretch out all around the estate because this is one of the few Spanish wineries that uses the single vineyard strategy of wine growing. The wines, though excellent, are made to satisfy the mid range price market. The comfortable tasting room is a wonderful place to relax and sample the delicious vintages made by the young, but promising, Castilian team.


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Anonymous said...

This is a really interesting piece to read. Some really, really old vineyards here. Makes me want to visit.....