18 October 2010

Win! "Cured" by Lindy Wildsmith

"Cured" Slow Techniques for Flavouring Meat, Fish and Vegetables

Now I'm no expert on book reviews, in fact I have never done one or been asked to write one so don't regard this post as a review, in fact most of the books I read are recipe books, most of which I only use the bare basic instructions and adapt the odd ingredient or cooking time here and there.

"Cured" is different and lets be honest who cures their own meat and fish? You may well change your mind after reading this... The first thing that struck me about this book is author Lindy's honesty about how easy it to buy the products she makes from the supermarket, nothing wrong with that but supermarket bacon for example does tend to lack self satisfaction especially when you consider that its an instant purchase, devoured in a sarnie with a sauce of choice then immediatly forgotten with a sip of morning coffee.

"Cured" is beautifully presented and photographed 288 page hardback detailing all methods of curing. There are seven detailed sections to the book unraveling the ancient art of curing and showing even the most novice home cook the methods to create a gourmet dish in their own kitchen. Recipes and techniques come from all over the world - America, the Mediterranean, Scandinavia and as far afield as Japan.

In a word, for chefs, cooks of all levels and the smoking, curing enthusiast this book is an essential to have up there with what you have so far. A journey through tradition, practice, recipes and a deep infusion of flavours.

Available now.

Win a copy!- Simply leave a comment telling us what your favourite Spanish sausage is and why (selection here)

* Worldwide shipping, winner chosen using Random Dec 1st 2010 in conjunction with Orce Serrano Hams. please allow up to 28 days for delivery.



Peter M said...

I would love to win this book! My favourite is Chorizo Duro Dulce.

emily13 said...

I love Chorizo, it's so versatile I have a terribly unhealthy dish I make with leeks, potato, way too much cheese and half a tub of cream. Mmmm. It's also great on pizza :)

meemalee said...

My favourite Spanish sausage is soppressata - partly because it's delicious and partly because it's so much fun to say :)

meemalee said...

I think I spelt it wrong though - sobrassada?

"Tho-bre-thada" - hehe :)

Orce Serrano Hams said...

@Meemalee: Nearly..! "Sobrasada" :)

Good luck!

Ben Bush said...

Current favourite sausage: nduja. Spicy *and* spreadable? What's not to like.

Amanda Letch said...

My favorite is Chorizo,i use it in a lot of dishes to bring flavour and colour .
love to win this book ,always fancied trying to do some curing !

@CHOCOAJ on twitter

Louise said...

Tough question, because I love it all, sobresada on bread, or morcilla revueltos, but i think it would have to be Chorizo picante as it is so versatile. I love it raw as a tapas snack or it adds so much depth of flavour to paella or stews.

Jen said...

Chorizo Duro Picante because I love spicy!

Jaunty said...

Chorizo Duro Picante for me. And I'd love to win the book as any encouragement to cure and smoke more can only be a good thing!

zeni said...

I love morcilla, hot or sweet depending on my mood.