30 October 2010

Spanish Ham Buying Made Easy

Hand picked hams from Spain
Considering a Spanish ham this festive season? Serrano and Iberico hams make a fantastic gift and will provide some authentic gourmet tapas right through until the New year so no fear of running out of food at the party!

Choosing the right Spanish ham can be a bit of a minefield so to help you make the right choice we have offered more information within your ham descriptions and also added some valuable "tasting notes" to help you decide which ham is best suited to your taste buds

Here at Orce Serrano Hams we firmly believe that quality and authenticity is key which is why we leave mass produced hams well alone and only deal with a few hand picked producers from rural Andalucia. Hams are chosen for each customer by the "maestro secadero" who will examine, weigh and test each ham for ripeness before it is approved for sale, your ham is then wrapped and placed into its muslin sock before being packed ready for dispatch.

One crucial part of getting the most from your Spanish ham is correct carving which is why every ham comes with comprehensive instructions on storage and carving as well as food pairing ideas, you will also receive fast and thorough answers to your questions before, during and after your purchase.

Don't forget your ham stand! Part of carving a ham effectively is to have it secure and steady, this is where the specifically designed Spanish ham stand comes in. The ham stand cradles your ham allowing safe and steady carving and helps you achieve those all important wafer thin slices.

Get Sharp! The correct carving knife is also equally important, ham carving knives are long, thin and flexible - not any old kitchen knife will do... If all this sounds too complicated, fear not as you can also choose from ham "starter kits" this year which not only offer great value for money but come complete with everything you need to enjoy your ham over Christmas, New Year and beyond.

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Advice is free so if you are considering a good Spanish ham this Christmas pop over to the deli for more information or email us here and ask for Iain or Gayle.

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Shionge said...

Dear Iain & Gayle, it has been a while since I visited and it is making me salivating again :)

Recently there is a show 'On The Road to Spain' and it brought back fond memory on my trip to Barcelona back in 2004 and I wish I had eaten more tapas LOL :D

Anyway....I am trying to understand more about spanish ham :D