17 November 2010

Spanish Butifarra

Spanish "Butifarra", one of those cured sausages which is a real delight. Think Spanish sausages and chorizo immediatly springs to mind, chorizos are good but there are many more sausages out there and butifarra is definatly one of them.

Similar to black pudding or "morcilla" butifarra is cured for longer and uses additional pork meat to create a sausage that has a texture very similar to that of chorizo, it is a blood sausage laced with cinnamon and can be taken direct from the fridge and sliced up as tapas ready to serve immediatly. Traditionaly from the north of Spain there are of course many different recipes - each secadero putting their own twist on the sausage, the traditional recipe however remains the same.

Butifarra goes great with other charcuterie such as sliced chorizo, lomo, other cured sausages and cured ham. You can also use it to cook with, it goes well in stews with white beans and chorizo or with the likes of roast pork to add a cinnamon flavour to the meat, rolled pancetta is also a favourite stuffed with butifarra.

Butifarra is now available freshly vac packed to the UK and EU.

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Shionge said...

I suppose we can slice them thinly and use it as a pizza topping perhaps?

Looks yummy!