8 December 2010

Jamm'in it up

Andalucian jam... or conserves. Last Sunday turned out to be quite an eventful day. We had been invited to the "Orce Eco Exhibition" to see and sample some of the produce made by small local businesses.

By no means the BBC Good Food show but still very much worth a couple of hours on  a Sunday afternoon. Stalls were organised by local producers of organic food from the locality including an impressive display of hand made leather crafts, cured meats, extra virgin olive oils, liquors, ceramics and other crafts.

The kids were particularly happy taking part in live demo's of pottery which rendered them bound in clay for the rest of the afternoon! A successful event which for us resulted in meeting a broad range of new suppliers and also tasting some exceptional olive oils, liquors and conserves. Black olive pate was a big hit and a tuna conserve that was absolutely delicious. Tapas in every sense and an abundance of home made, home grown organic flavours.

Washed down by cream lemon liquor and with a generous plate of cordero segureno organised by the village the afternoon was a big hit - plus we discovered some delicious goodies ready to hit the virtual shelves in January 2011. Find out more.


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Shionge said...

Hey Iain & Gayle, I might be heading to Seville in March next year and I think other than souvenirs might be good idea to bring some jams and ham huh? :D

But first, I need to learn Spanish first heheheh...