9 December 2010

Spanish Starters for Christmas

Christmas in Spain brings with it all the treats that everyone buys in for the festive season but with a Spanish twist. As a youngster in the UK I remember ridiculous amounts of salted peanuts - they were the Christmas snack which never lasted very long and then there was the famous prawn cocktail as the Christmas dinner starter until my Dad began to attend cooking classes - then the prawn cocktail went out the window. I dare say he would have loved Spanish food and it would have been hard to keep him away from the markets and out of the kitchen!

So, with being a little different in mind here are a couple of ideas for Spanish Christmas day starters - or even breakfast if it takes your fancy. (click on the pics for the recipe)

Serrano ham & Figs

One of those classic Spanish starters and occasionally served as cold tapas. Ham will go with ripe figs either uncooked or baked.

Spanish Tortilla

Another classic which fits in all over the place at Christmas time! Serve as a starter, cold as tapas, hot for breakfast and with ingredients only down to the imagination tortilla is a great all rounder.

Serrano Ham & Smoked Salmon Salad

Bit of a classy one this - wafer thin slices of Serrano ham (Iberico works too) with smoked salmon and salad drizzled with lots of good extra virgin.

Iberian Ham & Quails Egg Tostada

Very simple to make with the worlds finest ham, if you have an Iberian ham in for Christmas this year then do try this simple breakfast - its delicious!

Find more Spanish Christmas day starters here and for Spanish ham and sausages pop into the delicatessen.


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