13 December 2010

Perfect Partners for Spanish Ham

Ever wondered what that perfect accompaniment would be for your Serrano ham from Spain? Looking for the ideal tapas pairings with complimentary flavours in mind? Orce Serrano Hams are now offering a unique service where you choose your ham, select your "tapas pairings" (Special or Deluxe options) and you will receive a selection of gourmet tapas specifically designed to enhance the characteristics of your Spanish ham.

Pairing flavours with a good ham for a true Spanish tapas experience needn't be complicated, we want you to enjoy your Spanish ham to the full so where aged reserva's are at home with more mature cheeses and bossy red wines, bodega examples preferring almonds, mild cheeses and crianza's your tapas pairings selection will match up perfectly.

Each tapas selection is made up of premium Spanish products (minimum of four) and is chosen per ham, to order. Selections differ and are chosen by both ourselves and recommendations from local head chef Pablo (Orce village) and the secaderos themselves from where the hams are hand selected.

So, if you are an adventurous Spanish gourmet and would like a selection of mystery tapas tailored to your Serrano ham you can now choose from two tapas pairing packs, put simply, its all about Spanish flavour!

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