4 February 2011

Caves for sale

Andalucian caves for sale.

Sometimes, in fact most of time in this part of rural Granada its a case of "Its not what you know its who you know..." this can be relevant in all walks of life but no more so than in rural Spain. Having arrived as a new expat into the far depths of the Andalucian "sticks" we have on occasion, had the fortune or misfortune of being approached by locals who have quickly recognised the value of cave houses in the area. We were lucky enough to grab a bargain back in 2004 when we moved to Spain and almost as soon as we arrived offers were coming in from roundabout cave owners... "Mine is only 30k, do you want to buy it?" Seems the fact that an English family might not have any money falls on deaf ears - afterall we are all apparently rich according to the average local Spaniard.

Times however have changed - quite significantly which is why we are detailing this particular cave for a local bar owner in the village who needs to sell at a reasonable price... The price is 75k euros and its well worth the dinero (63k GBP at time of writing). Many of the local cave owners now realise that the boom time has gone, it took a while but the serious sellers recognise the market and they need to offload a property or two, afterall Spain, as with the rest of Europe is experiencing a "Crisis".

Where is it? The cave is situated in a small hamlet on the outskirts of Orce called "Fuente Nueva". The property is only just around the corner (100m) from our own cave overlooking the Sierra de Maria mountain range.

The owner is selling due to the present climate (2011) and needs to expand his tapas bar in Orce village.

Features: 3 double bedrooms, large kitchen, living room, bathroom. Gas fired heating and full electrics installed. The cave also has a HUGE garage equipped with log burning stove which could be converted into a further 3 rooms or large workspace. There is also potential to easily open up a window at the rear of the cave to expose via doorway access to a very large roof terrace.

For the price, this cave house is excellent value for the money, one of those unknown bargains that tends to slip by. The cave is fully habitable and has been lived in until 2010, however with a little paint and some new funiture this property could be spectacular either for full time living, holidays or rental.

This cave house is available for private sale via the owner, we do however recommend a full survey and to speak to the owner personally (translation available by request)

So what does this have to do with tapas? The vendor happens to own the local tapas bar just a few doors down from from our office in Orce so we are always happy to help in any way we can. We get the same back so throwing his "Se Vende" ad on this blog is the least we can do. - A knees up paella is guaranteed for the buyer!


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