1 February 2011

Iberico Sliced Meats

Sliced meats from Spain make ideal tapas, especially when your having a spread, tapas evening or simply want to enjoy something different perhaps with an after dinner cheese board or Spanish tapas. Sliced doesn't have to be boring either, particularly when it comes to cured Iberian ham, pork tenderloin or chorizo as the flavours speak for themselves.

There is however no getting away from the fact that any sliced meat vacuum sealed in plastic will not be quite the same as the "real deal" right? Well maybe, there are pro's and cons... For starters sliced meats are convenient, they usually come in handy sized 100g or 200g packs so just sufficient for tapas or creating a buffet style Spanish table. Smaller packs also have the distinct advantage of allowing you to taste test the likes of Iberian ham in all its grades which is why we have added four new types of Iberian ham sliced packs to the deli website.

So what does this mean? If you have heard about Iberian ham and never had the gastronomic pleasure of tasting Spain's most famous delicassy then the 100g pack is your friend. Discover the differences between, Cebo, Recebo, Bellota and Bellota reserva at a price that won't upset the bank manager.

It is really worth a go and letting your taste buds make the decision for you. All good Iberian ham suppliers will also offer the cream of the crop by way of "hand sliced" iberian ham in convenient packs. Price is at a premium as you are paying for the skill as well as the product but when you open up a pack like this - take care as those slices are wafer thin, carved by the maestro secadero. Sliced ham like this actually represents very good value for money as you get more bang for your buck through more slices and increased flavour...just the way a good ham should be carved!

Not forgetting pork tenderloin or "lomo" as its known in Spain and also chorizo. Two exquisite products which again, presented in small sliced packs create the opportunity to taste test flavours. If you have some sliced Spanish ham, chorizo, lomo or sausage sitting in the fridge right now here are two good tips to make sure you get the best Spanish flavour:

1. Most importantly, leave the meat to breath. Its tempting to get stuck in as soon as the pack is opened but the best things come to those who wait, like a good wine, open the pack and leave it at room temperature for 10 minutes where it will begin to "sweat". It is at this point the flavour and aroma as well as texture will be at their best.

2. Pair it up, Spanish ham and Manchego cheese go together like English fish and chips and don't be afraid of introducing fruit and good red wine to any good ham or cured Spanish tenderloin.

For more information on cured Spanish cured meats, tapas recipes, tips, advice and online shop visit www.orceserranohams.com

The new range of Iberian sliced meats is available mid February 2011


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