23 June 2011

Barbeque Buttered Mushrooms

BBQ Mushrooms
This recipe for barbequed mushrooms was actually a complete experiment one afternoon when we decided to barbeque. Some Spanish neighbours turned up out of the blue so we decided to create some quick and easy starters and side dishes to accompany escalivada and stuffed peppers.

You will need: (4 Tapas)

500g White mushrooms, quartered (mixed mushrooms also work)
75g Butter
Cracked black peppercorns


  1. Clean the mushrooms under the tap and cut the base from the stalk, you don’t need to remove the stalk completely. Cut the mushrooms into quarters.

  1. Tear off a sheet of kitchen foil about eighteen inches in length.

  1. Pile the mushrooms in a line the length of the foil leaving a few inched spare at each end so the foil can be folded.

  1. Place a small knob of butter every few inches on top of the mushrooms.

  1. Fold the ends of the foil and wrap the mushrooms into a parcel making sure there no gaps in the foil.

  1. Barbeque for 5 minutes, turn and barbeque for a further 5 minutes.

  1. Remove from the grill and carefully remove the foil parcel. Serve mushrooms as a side dish or tapas drizzling over the remaining melted butter.

Tip: Can also be cooked with finely chopped garlic cloves for barbeque garlic mushrooms.


Wyrley Ralph said...

Must try this. It sounds great, Mouth watering :)

Orce Serrano Hams said...

Simple stuff for the BBQ, thanks for passing by :)