17 June 2011

Summer Tapas

Iberian ham, marinated olives, chorizo & Morcon
Spanish tapas for the summer, what better time to indulge in some of Spain's finest cured meats. There are two combinations that spring to mind when thinking of summer tapas namely orange with extra virgin olive oil and strawberries with an aged sherry vinegar - don't believe us? Try it! Strange as it may sound these two pairings do work, in fact they work very well. We first tried orange and olive oil when visiting an organic olive oil business in near Jaen a few years ago and it remains a firm favourite, the sherry and strawberries idea came from some publicity produced by 'Capirete' here in Spain but it was not until a local Spanish chef mentioned the idea that we tried it, again now a firm favourite when those big home grown strawberries become available from the local greengrocer.

One thing about Spanish flavours are that they are usually very simple, after all, simple does work. That is not to say that there is anything boring about Spanish food, quite the opposite in fact as the Spanish, for generations have known how to cook with flavour in mind, especially with tapas.

This summer we have introduced 4 simple tapas lines with an Iberian ham twist, a handful of tapas selections put together with flavour in mind - sort of the building blocks to a classy tapas lunch leaving you to to decide on the fruits and red wines (or indeed Fino) of your choice.

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