6 January 2012

Spanish Recipe Book

Two Old fools - Ole.  

The much awaited second book by acclaimed author Victoria Twead is now available. The book is all about Victoria and Joe's life and adventures living in a small village in the back of beyond in rural southern Spain and the sequel to her first book, 'Chickens Mules and Two Old fools'   Full of amazing and sometimes hardly believable incidents which can happen here daily, Victoria has written a masterpiece which will have you laughing out loud and wanting more.  Victoria has a fantastic comedy writing style which is down to earth, refreshing and makes us all want to read on and on.... As with her first book, we at Orce Serrano Hams have been honored to be asked to contribute our Spanish recipes to the  first book and the sequel which we did with pleasure.  In the picture exert you can see Victoria's acknowledgment by dedicating a whole page to us - how exciting!

What is even more exciting though is that we have been working closely with Victoria and Joe over the past three months to produce a unique, rustic and completely new book of Spanish recipes.  The book, 'Mouthwatering Spanish Recipes' which will be available to download via Amazon kindle, Sony, iPad, Kobo, Diesel and more...,  very soon, incorporates some of our best and most popular recipes featured in both of Victoria's books - Plus some brand new local Spanish recipes, never published before courtesy of our local village bars and thanks to the local chefs here in our village of Orce.  We have chosen the best from tapas dishes and salads to main meals, vegetable dishes, drinks and desserts, plus the most amazing Paella Recipe you will ever try - direct from our local village chef, this recipe will never disappoint and upon reading it, we guarantee you will want to try it!

The book  'Mouthwatering Spanish Recipes' will be available to download soon so look out for it on Amazon, WHSmith, Diesel, Sony etc - it will also be available on our own websites orce serrano hams  and Victoria Twead

Happy Cooking!

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