18 August 2012

Chicken and Serrano Ham Kebab

chicken and serrano ham kebabs

This recipe for chicken kebabs combines the flavour of cured Spanish ham, which when cooked delivers a mild saltiness to this dish. Chicken is more famously accompanied by mildly cured Spanish chorizo but for this barbeque recipe a few slices of serrano ham cut slightly thicker than usual work just as well and deliver a true flavour of southern Spain. Enjoy!

You will need: (makes 8 kebabs)

2 Chicken breasts, skinned
2 Broad, thick slices of freshly carved Serrano ham
2 Medium onions
1 Red bell pepper
8 Rosemary sticks (optional)
Olive oil


1.    Prepare the kebab sticks by cutting 8 thin mature rosemary stalks and remove the leaves.

2.    Cut up the chicken breasts into inch square cubes.

3.    Chop the pepper and onion into inch squares.

4.    Cut the slices of ham into inch squares.

5.    If using rosemary, make a hole in the chicken pieces first with a conventional kebab stick to make threading the meat easier.

6.    Alternate the ingredients over the rosemary ensuring ham goes next to chicken.

7.    Barbeque for 4 – 5 minutes turning regularly or until chicken is cooked through.

8.    Drizzle with olive oil for simple tapas or serve with fresh salad.

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